How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

Today we’re talking about how you can be successful in an Escape Room. If you feel intimidated by the game and you’re not sure whether or not you have what it takes, let us reassure you that you do. All we can do is give you some hints and tips so it can build your confidence and help you to believe that you really can do it. And if you can’t? Failure isn’t the end of the world, and we love to see our customers come back again and again, either because they want another bite of the cherry, or simply because they love it so much. 

A mixed bag of skills.

Make sure you bring a team along that have lots of different skills. We’re talking communication, delegation, problem-solving, analytical and logical skills. It’s especially important that communication is highlighted, because without that you’ll never be able to work together and find those all-important clues, because they are really well hidden.

Searching, talking and not losing your clues.

So, you’ll be needing some seriously good search skills – because as we’ve already mentioned the clues are everywhere, under and over things. High up and down below, you’ll need to lift, reach, uncover and move stuff around so you’ve covered every corner of the room. As you find the clues, place them in one central area where they can all be kept until you’ve got them all. You can then start working out what they mean. If you leave them randomly anywhere along the way, as you find them, then you might find it’s easier to lose them. Once they’re gone, you won’t be able to solve the other clues as well, and that could cost you the game. 

No bossiness - don’t let anyone person take over.

You don’t want to bring the shouty one. You want a group of people that work together as a team and never try to dominate each other. Communication is key as we’ve already seen so that’s what we’re aiming for, people communicating with each other and helping each other out – not one person shouting orders from a central point and ordering people around. 

Escape Lincoln – for a fun and successful hour in an Escape Room.

So now you have it, a few tips on how to give yourself a fighting chance of winning the Escape Game challenge. We hope you win, but whether you win or lose the first time, don’t let it determine whether you come again. If you’ve really enjoyed it, you’ll always be able to come back and try again, possibly in a differently themed room - or just to see our happy smiling faces, we know you’ll find us all irresistible. Just book your room online or over the phone and we’ll see you here. Remember you’ll need between 2 to 6 people to make it a success, no more or you’ll be bumping into each other for an hour. We’ll see you here at Escape Lincoln.

Escape Room Hints and Tips

So, you’re going to try your luck with the escape rooms, are you? Well, that’s a great start! Question is, how are you going to win, and within such a short timespan? Do not fear, for Escape Lincoln is here to help and we’re going to be giving you some hints and tips, so that when you arrive to start your challenge, you’ll be all ready and prepped to win.

Themes, wizards and games

Whichever room you choose will be themed, usually something taken from popular culture, movies, games etc. You’ll have a chance to choose which room you prefer on our website. Once you’ve chosen of course, you’ll book it and then you’ll be well on your way.

When you get into the room and you’re locked in, you’ll find there’s a series of clues and puzzles to find, and they’re hidden…but where? 

Bring your sharpest eyes

That’ll be up to you to find out, but while you’re looking make sure you keep your search both high and low.  You’ll need to search everywhere and be as thorough as possible, once you find a clue, place it somewhere safe and then find the rest. Once you’ve got them all together in once place, as a team start deciphering them. Don’t pick them up and leave them scattered all over the room, it’s likely you’ll forget about them and then potentially lose them, one central place is best.

Don’t bring Desmond The Dominator

Don’t let anyone dominate the team with the sound of their own voice, it’s a team game and everyone should have a fair crack at speaking up and contributing to the game. One person doesn’t know it all, it takes a team to work as a team and you don’t need a know it all spoiling it for everyone else. Leave the loud, vocal people behind

Different folks with different strokes

What you will need is a group of people who bring a range of different skills and talents to the game. These should be good communication skills, problem-solving skills, analytical and logical skills and a whole lot of patience and sense of fun. An eye for detail and a strong desire to win will come in handy too.

No more than 6, no less than 2

Keep the numbers to no more than 6 per room because otherwise you could be fighting to move around the room, it’s not that small, but it’s not that big either. To enjoy the game and provide the best atmosphere around 6 people is best, that way you’ll enjoy the experience more and get the most out of your time here.

Escape Room Lincoln – for the best hour of your day

So, now you have some tips under your belt, it’s time to come on down to have the most fun you could possibly have in one of the most exciting and most popular escape games out there right now. We can’t wait to see you, so book your escape room now.

Five Fantastic Team Building Activities

Today we’re looking at team building games because we know how popular they are. Corporate teams love them and there’s plenty of reasons why. If you’re about to start on a large-scale project and you’re eager to identify some key skills in your team, then a team building activity at Escape Lincoln is the way to go. Perhaps you have team members who are a little shy about coming forward, perhaps they’re new or you simply want to know who’s good at what. A team building activity day can not only give your team valuable time away from the office, it can also give you the time to identify all the skills and find your star people.

Scavenger hunt

Firstly, how about a scavenger hunt? This is a search through your local town or city for treasure, it could be in the form of photographs, physical items, notes and your team will need to collect and follow them to their conclusion. Whoever gets to the end of the hunt first are the winners. It can foster a little bit of healthy competition in your team in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Boot camp.

This is something that can be great if you’re physically fit but is a no-no for those of your team members who have a medical condition. It’s a boot camp with all kinds of obstacles where they’ll need to find their way around, like a round of circuit training. You can cheer each other on and they’ll need to be able and willing to take part. Who has the stamina to take part and win?

A game show

Yes, why not host a game show. You don’t even need to go off site with this one, simply find an empty room, and split your people into two teams or more. Ask a series of questions, get them to carry out a series of simple tasks using problem and analytical skills to work them out. It’ll be fun, and you can witness first hand the key players in your team.

Bridge building

Is your team a little isolated at the moment? If you’re looking to foster team working and get your team members to come out of their shell, then this could be the best team building activity for it. Creating a structure together, (yes, a bridge!) will help to build relationships. Colleagues have to work together and build a bridge out of items at their disposal, whether this is household items or stuff they have in their office. It’ll really help them with their communication skills as they work together to be the first with a completed bridge structure.

Escape Games

Yes, we would definitely recommend our Escape Rooms for some team building. We know they work because we see corporate teams come here all the time. It works like this – you have a team of between two to six players and they’re all locked into a themed room. The themed room is anything from popular culture and within this room are some hidden clues and puzzles they’ll need to find and then work out to unlock the room.

They’ll only have 60 minutes in which to do this. Can they? Will they be successful? It’s designed in such a way that the team must work together or fail. They have to communicate with each other, use their analytical and problem-solving skills to get out. Why not test your team to find out? We’d love to see you here so come on and book your room either online or over the phone, and you’ll soon discover who’s the leader and the star of your team!