The Games at Escape Lincoln

What themed rooms should you expect to see when you come to Escape Lincoln? Well, we’re about to tell you all about that now. And what we can guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that you’re going to love every second of it. We’ve worked hard to create lots of little worlds where you leave reality behind at the door and you enter into another one that’s full of thrills. Yes, Escape Games Lincoln is never boring that’s for sure. So, hold on to your shoe straps as we give you a brief foray into the games at Escape Lincoln, for your entertainment and edification.

Sherlock Judgement

Yup, as you will have established there’s some detective work and yes, it’s that most famous detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. You’ll be looking for clues so you can escape the room, but they’re are all tied up in a story. You and your team are a group of detectives looking into the case of the Courthouse and then trying to expose Moriarty’s dastardly plan. Let’s face it there’s always a dastardly plan when it comes to Moriarty, am I right?

Next, we have Overthrone where there’s a throne to win and someone has to raise the Sword of Britain to get first prize. The sword has been hidden – of course! You and your team will explore the castle and find the sword before the pretenders to the throne arrive to take it from you.

Prison is our third Escape Room where you and your team have been locked up in jail and are guarded by someone who won’t let you leave – after all he’s been paid to keep you in there. You need to break out – so you’ll need to have your wits about you as you look for the key so you can disarm the security system.

The Magic Emporium holds all the supplies a wizard will ever need, but the shop holds its own secrets, the shop is closed now, there are missing people, and of course, a mystery to investigate in the world of magic.

And now we welcome another room where Sherlock is involved. This time it’s Sherlock: The Initiation and you and your trusty band of friends are detectives from Scotland Yard to help Holmes in his hour of need. But no one is there, no one is answering the door and there are clues to find and riddles to unravel.

Finally, we have Contagion where there’s a virus and you have it. You’ll need to get a vaccine before your number’s up from a medical facility and then after you’ve done that, you’ll need to get out of the laboratory – you have 60 minutes. Of course, it won’t be easy – but are you up for the challenge?

So, there we have it. Six rooms, six challenges and loads of clues. Which one will you choose? Welcome to Escape Games Lincoln! When you’ve chosen which one you’d like to spend an hour of your time in, book online or over the phone. We’ll get things ready here and hope to see you soon…...get ready for the challenge of your life!

The Benefits of Brain Teasers & Puzzles

The benefits of brain teasers and puzzles are many, although there is no medical proof they can stave off Alzheimer’s or dementia. The good news is there’s plenty of reason to believe that keeping your brain active is healthy for your brain. Rather than just leaving it fester while you watch TV or stare at your phone, you could be playing games and testing your grey matter, which can actually be tremendous fun too.

Use your brain in lots of inventive, unique and original ways in order to keep active mentally. Alongside a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and spending quality time with family and friends, using your brain in plenty of unique and inventive ways, you can feel happier and healthier mentally too. Release those endorphins with interaction and testing your cognitive function, and you’re going the right way to a healthier life that’s good for you and those you love. 

Staying Active.

Any kind of game or puzzle whether it’s indoors, outdoors, or ones you play alone or with friends are going to really help you stay active. Games and puzzles can be anything from board games, online quizzes or games you can play on your own such as solitaire, chess (or online against a computer or an online opponent), and outdoor games too. In fact, any game away from a screen is probably a good idea.
Games and puzzles which rely on problem solving, analytical and logical skills and plenty of use for communication and language are a big plus. It can all help you to stay younger for longer with minimum effort, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune. All you need do is change what you do on a regular basis and try new and exciting things. Come out of your comfort zone and test yourself, you’ll also find you make lots of new friends, rather than staying indoors, staring at a screen. 

Test your grey matter.

Our Escape Games here at Lincoln are one of the best ways to exercise your mind. You’re locked in a themed room with like minded friends searching for hidden clues with only an hour to escape. Can you do it? You’ll need to think on your feet, using problem solving, analytical, logical and communication skills by the dozen. You’ll be interacting with your fellow friends or work colleagues, and after you’ve finished, irrespective of whether you’ve won or lost, you’ll be able to go for a meal and a drink later and discuss your game plan.

Escape Lincoln - for those brain teasers that truly keep your mind alive.

Now you know what to expect, you can join us and try it for yourself. How about booking your room online or over the phone and then find your way down to Escape Lincoln, it’s a game that’ll truly test you.

Who Visits Escape Lincoln?

Today, we’re talking about who visits Escape Games Lincoln, so you’ll have an idea of the kind of people that pass through our doors. It’s good to gauge the type of people we attract so you can see whether or not it’s right for you, although we think it’s right for anyone who enjoys having fun and playing games! Read on and find out who’s coming here and then at the bottom we’ll tell you how you can book your room. 

Corporate teams.

Team leaders bring their best workers here to test their abilities, their key skills, so they can work on any weaknesses by sending them on courses, or perhaps use the occasion to cherry pick the best for a new project on the horizon. Corporate events at our Escape Rooms are a perfect opportunity to get out from their desks and spend quality time bonding with their peers. Key skills to look out for are usually things like problem-solving, analytical skills, logical thinking, delegation and communication. 


There are all kinds of ways you can celebrate a unique and important occasion in your life. This is one of them. We think it’s the most unique and original way you can ever celebrate anything to be honest, and I suppose we’re bound to say, after all we work here don’t we? But we say it in the knowledge that we know first-hand how amazing this place is, and that when you want to celebrate an important event in your life, then Escape Games is the best place to do it in. People come here to celebrate things such as a hen or stag do, a birthday, and that could be anything from a regular birthday or a birthday that celebrates a milestone age where you can bring along a few friends and key family members. 


Yes what could be more original or different than bringing your first boyfriend or girlfriend along to Escape Games? Yes, if you’re looking to avoid the tense, awkward first date nerves of a dinner, or the cinema awks of where to put your arms, where to look, and shall I or shan’t I hold hands, the date night at an Escape Room won’t leave you any opportunity to feel awkward about anything. You’ll be too busy searching for clues, working against the clock, and finding your way out of that room. Then after you’ve bonded, broken the ice and discovered whether this is the kind of person you’d like to spend more time with, while avoiding the excruciating date night nerves, you can make your way to the pub and discuss your experience. What could be nicer?


Students get cheesed off with constant round of essays, presentations, searching for online articles, peering up and down shelves for books that seemingly on longer exist and fighting over much sought-after journals. When they come to Escape Games here at Lincoln, they can forget all that and have great time playing the game everyone’s talking about. And yes, the obligatory post-mortem of events at the local pub is a required presence. 

Escape Lincoln – think you’ve got what it takes?

Well, come on down if you do, all the rooms are themed, so simply pick one you like the sight and sound of. You can book online or over the phone and then simply make your way down here along with your crew.