Who Visits Escape Lincoln?

Today, we’re talking about who visits Escape Games Lincoln, so you’ll have an idea of the kind of people that pass through our doors. It’s good to gauge the type of people we attract so you can see whether or not it’s right for you, although we think it’s right for anyone who enjoys having fun and playing games! Read on and find out who’s coming here and then at the bottom we’ll tell you how you can book your room. 

Corporate teams.

Team leaders bring their best workers here to test their abilities, their key skills, so they can work on any weaknesses by sending them on courses, or perhaps use the occasion to cherry pick the best for a new project on the horizon. Corporate events at our Escape Rooms are a perfect opportunity to get out from their desks and spend quality time bonding with their peers. Key skills to look out for are usually things like problem-solving, analytical skills, logical thinking, delegation and communication. 


There are all kinds of ways you can celebrate a unique and important occasion in your life. This is one of them. We think it’s the most unique and original way you can ever celebrate anything to be honest, and I suppose we’re bound to say, after all we work here don’t we? But we say it in the knowledge that we know first-hand how amazing this place is, and that when you want to celebrate an important event in your life, then Escape Games is the best place to do it in. People come here to celebrate things such as a hen or stag do, a birthday, and that could be anything from a regular birthday or a birthday that celebrates a milestone age where you can bring along a few friends and key family members. 


Yes what could be more original or different than bringing your first boyfriend or girlfriend along to Escape Games? Yes, if you’re looking to avoid the tense, awkward first date nerves of a dinner, or the cinema awks of where to put your arms, where to look, and shall I or shan’t I hold hands, the date night at an Escape Room won’t leave you any opportunity to feel awkward about anything. You’ll be too busy searching for clues, working against the clock, and finding your way out of that room. Then after you’ve bonded, broken the ice and discovered whether this is the kind of person you’d like to spend more time with, while avoiding the excruciating date night nerves, you can make your way to the pub and discuss your experience. What could be nicer?


Students get cheesed off with constant round of essays, presentations, searching for online articles, peering up and down shelves for books that seemingly on longer exist and fighting over much sought-after journals. When they come to Escape Games here at Lincoln, they can forget all that and have great time playing the game everyone’s talking about. And yes, the obligatory post-mortem of events at the local pub is a required presence. 

Escape Lincoln – think you’ve got what it takes?

Well, come on down if you do, all the rooms are themed, so simply pick one you like the sight and sound of. You can book online or over the phone and then simply make your way down here along with your crew. 

Escape from Your Studies

Do you want to escape from your studies and have some time out? Perhaps you’ve been on your laptop and had your nose in the books for several hours and you’re ready for a break. We provide the perfect escape with our Escape Games and the many student visitors we get each year are testament to how popular it is.

Just one hour away can make all the difference.

It’s the perfect break, it’s only for one hour so it’s not too much time out from your deadlines, but just enough to give you time to let your hair down and relax. It’s also the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends, perhaps those you haven’t seen for a while because you’ve been slogging it out, or possibly it’s the ideal situation to get some of your new friends to come along and break the ice so they’re feeling less alone. Student life can be hard and it’s not difficult to find yourself feeling isolated. 

Locked in a room for an hour – what can happen?

Escape Rooms are themed rooms where you’re locked in for an hour, and the themes are taken from popular culture. They could be anything recent from games, music or film – what we do know is that they’re incredibly popular with our visitors. 

Get away from studying.

Getting away for an hour could be all you need to recharge those batteries – and find your inspiration and creativity again. Rather than stare at the same blank screen for another hour, you could get away and find some inspiration with your friends - and possibly from the room itself. Forget about the deadlines and think about the clues, finding your way around in an hour and making sure you all work together as a team. You may find that when you got back, that 60-minute break was all you needed to reinvigorate yourself and provide ample inspiration to finally finish those last few paragraphs. And those endorphins will be flowing, allowing you to feel more upbeat and positive, thus helping you to finish off your work with more enthusiasm.

Escape Lincoln – One hour with us to forget your studies and just enjoy time out with friends.

We hope we’ve convinced you why Escape Rooms are the perfect getaway for students like yourself, and that you’ll be convinced enough to book your room with us. We see students visit us all the time and gaging from their reaction know that the Escape Rooms really work. They certainly leave looking a lot lighter than when they arrived. 

Why not book your room online or over the phone, we can’t wait to see you here. 

How to Be Successful in an Escape Room

Today we’re talking about how you can be successful in an Escape Room. If you feel intimidated by the game and you’re not sure whether or not you have what it takes, let us reassure you that you do. All we can do is give you some hints and tips so it can build your confidence and help you to believe that you really can do it. And if you can’t? Failure isn’t the end of the world, and we love to see our customers come back again and again, either because they want another bite of the cherry, or simply because they love it so much. 

A mixed bag of skills.

Make sure you bring a team along that have lots of different skills. We’re talking communication, delegation, problem-solving, analytical and logical skills. It’s especially important that communication is highlighted, because without that you’ll never be able to work together and find those all-important clues, because they are really well hidden.

Searching, talking and not losing your clues.

So, you’ll be needing some seriously good search skills – because as we’ve already mentioned the clues are everywhere, under and over things. High up and down below, you’ll need to lift, reach, uncover and move stuff around so you’ve covered every corner of the room. As you find the clues, place them in one central area where they can all be kept until you’ve got them all. You can then start working out what they mean. If you leave them randomly anywhere along the way, as you find them, then you might find it’s easier to lose them. Once they’re gone, you won’t be able to solve the other clues as well, and that could cost you the game. 

No bossiness - don’t let anyone person take over.

You don’t want to bring the shouty one. You want a group of people that work together as a team and never try to dominate each other. Communication is key as we’ve already seen so that’s what we’re aiming for, people communicating with each other and helping each other out – not one person shouting orders from a central point and ordering people around. 

Escape Lincoln – for a fun and successful hour in an Escape Room.

So now you have it, a few tips on how to give yourself a fighting chance of winning the Escape Game challenge. We hope you win, but whether you win or lose the first time, don’t let it determine whether you come again. If you’ve really enjoyed it, you’ll always be able to come back and try again, possibly in a differently themed room - or just to see our happy smiling faces, we know you’ll find us all irresistible. Just book your room online or over the phone and we’ll see you here. Remember you’ll need between 2 to 6 people to make it a success, no more or you’ll be bumping into each other for an hour. We’ll see you here at Escape Lincoln.