Escape from Your Studies

Do you want to escape from your studies and have some time out? Perhaps you’ve been on your laptop and had your nose in the books for several hours and you’re ready for a break. We provide the perfect escape with our Escape Games and the many student visitors we get each year are testament to how popular it is.

Just one hour away can make all the difference.

It’s the perfect break, it’s only for one hour so it’s not too much time out from your deadlines, but just enough to give you time to let your hair down and relax. It’s also the perfect opportunity to hang out with friends, perhaps those you haven’t seen for a while because you’ve been slogging it out, or possibly it’s the ideal situation to get some of your new friends to come along and break the ice so they’re feeling less alone. Student life can be hard and it’s not difficult to find yourself feeling isolated. 

Locked in a room for an hour – what can happen?

Escape Rooms are themed rooms where you’re locked in for an hour, and the themes are taken from popular culture. They could be anything recent from games, music or film – what we do know is that they’re incredibly popular with our visitors. 

Get away from studying.

Getting away for an hour could be all you need to recharge those batteries – and find your inspiration and creativity again. Rather than stare at the same blank screen for another hour, you could get away and find some inspiration with your friends - and possibly from the room itself. Forget about the deadlines and think about the clues, finding your way around in an hour and making sure you all work together as a team. You may find that when you got back, that 60-minute break was all you needed to reinvigorate yourself and provide ample inspiration to finally finish those last few paragraphs. And those endorphins will be flowing, allowing you to feel more upbeat and positive, thus helping you to finish off your work with more enthusiasm.

Escape Lincoln – One hour with us to forget your studies and just enjoy time out with friends.

We hope we’ve convinced you why Escape Rooms are the perfect getaway for students like yourself, and that you’ll be convinced enough to book your room with us. We see students visit us all the time and gaging from their reaction know that the Escape Rooms really work. They certainly leave looking a lot lighter than when they arrived. 

Why not book your room online or over the phone, we can’t wait to see you here.