The Games at Escape Lincoln

What themed rooms should you expect to see when you come to Escape Lincoln? Well, we’re about to tell you all about that now. And what we can guarantee beyond a shadow of a doubt, is that you’re going to love every second of it. We’ve worked hard to create lots of little worlds where you leave reality behind at the door and you enter into another one that’s full of thrills. Yes, Escape Games Lincoln is never boring that’s for sure. So, hold on to your shoe straps as we give you a brief foray into the games at Escape Lincoln, for your entertainment and edification.

Sherlock Judgement

Yup, as you will have established there’s some detective work and yes, it’s that most famous detective of all time, Sherlock Holmes. You’ll be looking for clues so you can escape the room, but they’re are all tied up in a story. You and your team are a group of detectives looking into the case of the Courthouse and then trying to expose Moriarty’s dastardly plan. Let’s face it there’s always a dastardly plan when it comes to Moriarty, am I right?

Next, we have Overthrone where there’s a throne to win and someone has to raise the Sword of Britain to get first prize. The sword has been hidden – of course! You and your team will explore the castle and find the sword before the pretenders to the throne arrive to take it from you.

Prison is our third Escape Room where you and your team have been locked up in jail and are guarded by someone who won’t let you leave – after all he’s been paid to keep you in there. You need to break out – so you’ll need to have your wits about you as you look for the key so you can disarm the security system.

The Magic Emporium holds all the supplies a wizard will ever need, but the shop holds its own secrets, the shop is closed now, there are missing people, and of course, a mystery to investigate in the world of magic.

And now we welcome another room where Sherlock is involved. This time it’s Sherlock: The Initiation and you and your trusty band of friends are detectives from Scotland Yard to help Holmes in his hour of need. But no one is there, no one is answering the door and there are clues to find and riddles to unravel.

Finally, we have Contagion where there’s a virus and you have it. You’ll need to get a vaccine before your number’s up from a medical facility and then after you’ve done that, you’ll need to get out of the laboratory – you have 60 minutes. Of course, it won’t be easy – but are you up for the challenge?

So, there we have it. Six rooms, six challenges and loads of clues. Which one will you choose? Welcome to Escape Games Lincoln! When you’ve chosen which one you’d like to spend an hour of your time in, book online or over the phone. We’ll get things ready here and hope to see you soon…...get ready for the challenge of your life!